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I first tried Supreme Health last season as part of my daily supplement regime and found it really helped me with my endurance during games and my recovery after. I’m still using it and I recommend Supreme Health to players & athletes looking to lift their on-field performance.

Andrew Goodman, Tasman Makos

I’m in my 60’s and came across Supreme Health for the first time when I visited their Nelson manufacturing facility. I had the opportunity to try Supreme Health myself. I then checked online and found that Supreme Health seemed to have a lot of positive benefits so I thought it was probably worth trying. I had no expectations about what it would do for me, so it was more an experiment than anything else. After about a month I realised that my vision seemed to have changed (someone made a passing remark as to why I was not wearing my glasses lately). It was a bit like someone had turned up the contrast and colour switch on my eyesight. Colours were brighter and my vision (particularly the contrast part of it) seemed sharper (particularly in my left eye for some reason). The only change I have made in the last month is to take two Supreme Health capsules each day. My conclusion from my experiment is that Supreme Health is worth taking for a month or two to see if creates any positive improvements. It seems to have been beneficial for me.”


As a pro footballer performance is everything & Supreme Health helps me be the best I can be.  Energy, endurance and faster recovery. I know Supreme Health supports my goals.

Jeremy Brockie

I’m close to 60 years old and broke my shoulder ten years ago. The specialist tells me that two of the tendons in my shoulder are two thirds torn. An orthopaedic surgeon has looked at my shoulder and is debating whether I should have surgery to help fix the problem. About a month ago I first heard about Supreme Health Advanced Mobility Support when I was delivering gas to their factory here in Nelson. The lady in the factory was very helpful and suggested I try a bottle to see if it made a difference to my shoulder. I am a total sceptic when it comes to anything like this, but I thought I would give it a go to see if it would help. For two weeks I took Supreme Health Advanced Mobility Support but wasn't aware of anything happening. Then I started to notice a slight reduction of discomfort in my shoulder. A couple more weeks and the change in symptoms was dramatic. My shoulder feels 50% better and I suspect this is from the benefits of Supreme Health Advanced Mobility Support. I am waking up far less frequently in the night. My shoulder is not cured however I have a huge improvement in my quality of life and I'm very grateful for this product. If you have joint discomfort of any sort then Supreme Health Advanced Mobility Support is well worth testing. Just make sure you use it for at least a month to see if it will work for you as well.

Paul Sainty

I started taking Astaxanthin about a month ago after being introduced to it by a friend. This was mainly for my knee pains especially after high impact exercises which included running and racquet sports. I find that it is useful and the recovery time is shorter after taking astaxanthin. To my surprise I am finding that the quality of my sleep has improved tremendously after taking astaxanthin. I have never slept well for last 15 years after losing my wife and had resigned to the fact that this is what is norm in your old age.( I am 59). Now I am getting continuous sleep for 6 to 7 hours without waking and get up more rested and better refreshed.

Ashwin Shah

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