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What our customers say

I have found since starting Supreme Health that I've been able to get my cholesterol under control as I'm allergic to all cholesterol drugs currently on the market. Taking Supreme Health every day is a small price too pay for quality of life.

Alister Duncan

I have routinely separately prescribed all the ingredients in Advanced Cardiac Support and to now have them combined is an obvious advantage.

Dr Mike Godfrey

6 months ago I had surgery for a macular condition. I immediately started taking Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care, hoping for a perfect recovery. The letter from my specialist noted that closure of my macular condition was "quite remarkable and he attributes much of his vision to Astaxanthin eye tablets!"

Bonner Martin

I have a joint condition and have been trying a more holistic and natural approach to reverse the condition. While detoxing and eating clean was helping, I noticed my soft body tissues were becoming more and more painful as time went on with my restricted diet. It wasn't until I randomly took one of my Supreme Health Advanced Mobility Support capsules that i realised I was missing essential oils in my diet. The next day my tissue pain was dramatically reduced, I take it every day. I recently ran out and went without for a week or two, the pains reverted back after a week, even though I as taking another good quality fish oil. The extra antioxidants and curcumin really do make a difference, it even helped my old dog. I recommend it to everyone - really helps.

Liz Marks

I thought you'd be interested to know that I was sitting with three long standing customers of your company and we were discussing the personal health benefits of Supreme Health. Between us I guess we've clocked up about ten years of taking the product and none of us has had a day's illness since. Personally I have not had even a single cold since I started. Its quite remarkable

Ralph, London.UK

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  • Free Shipping NZ Wide

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