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Astaxanthin was recommended by a pharmacist friend. Getting up in the morning without those joint pains is a breeze and I hope it will continue to keep diabetes away. April 2015


My son recommended that I try Astaxanthin almost 2 years ago. We both have skin problems - and as I can now see a definite improvement in my skin I intend to carry on using the product. April 2015

Vicki Clark

In 2014 I was experiencing alot of joint pain, particularly in my feet and wrists. So much so I would hobble out of bed in the mornings and have to gingerly walk side ways down our stairs. I was trying to increase my fitness with gentle weight training at the gym and build strength. It was painful and muscle recovery was taking days which put me off going back. This was all a direct result of cancer treatment in 2013, both chemotherapy and radiation residue affecting my health. I remembered back to years before when i took astaxanthin for muscle recovery and began researching products. I found Supreme Health on line and bought it. I liked the fact it was made in New Zealand and was reasonably priced. The joint pain dramatically reduced and muscle recovery is now normal and has enabled me to increase my fitness. With so many products on the market it is difficult to know what to choose. I took this product to my kinesiologist who reiterated it was right for me when he could have pushed his own antioxidant range. If i miss some days or run out I clearly notice the difference and wouldn't be without it. We all need antioxidants and I recommend this product without hesitation. April 2015.

Maria Poppe

I first saw the incredible facility in Nelson for the production of ASTAXANTHIN on the T.V. program Rural Delivery, I was intrigued as to how this product was being produced. The fact that it had been researched and developed in New Zealand was another plus for me so I went online and read all about it and promptly bought the Asta Supreme capsules. My husband has had heart surgery, he had a high cholesterol count and was on cholesterol medication which he was finding gave him extreme muscle pain in his limbs, since taking Asta Supreme for three to four months he has been able to cut out the cholesterol medication, he is feeling a lot better, he has had tests and his cholesterol is at an acceptable level. My health has improved and my blood pressure is also at an acceptable point. All in all a positive result for us,I will continue to promote the products and try the next best thing, I am 76yrs old and my husband is 79yrs old and is still working as a Marine Engineer.

Jackie Viskovich

I have found since starting Supreme Health that I've been able to get my cholesterol under control as I'm allergic to all cholesterol drugs currently on the market. Taking Supreme Health every day is a small price too pay for quality of life.

Alister Duncan

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