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The 5 Types of Wrinkles Explained


According to recent consumer research, young women in their early 20s admit that they already worry about their signs of ageing and are buying anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams.

Never before has a word been more prematurely obsessed about than this one!

  definition of a wrinkle

There are many equally confounding synonyms of ‘wrinkle’, including “creases, lines, ridges, pleats, gathers, grooves and crinkles” that may appear on the surface of our skin as we age. 

Fear of Ageing

While some of these young women may well be suffering from a mild form of Gerascophobia which is the incessant fear of ageing - lest we obsess!

Your 20s is supposed to be when you live in the moment and isn't the time to worry or fear the ageing process - but it is the perfect time to understand what accelerates skin ageing and what can be done about it.

All wrinkles are not created equal and according to plastic surgeons and cosmetic scientists there are five different types. So what wrinkles are preventable by choices we make and the anti-ageing products we use, and what types are inevitable as the years go by?

The 5 Types of Wrinkles Explained

1. Compression Wrinkles

Actually a subset of wrinkles that form whilst sleeping. Where they appear is totally dependent on your sleeping position.  The culprit can be your pillow! It squishes and squashes your face and compression wrinkles appear on facial and décolletage areas. Of course, when we’re young these creases fall away with gravity but with age our skin structures become compromised and the creases more permanent. 

Being mindful of how you sleep, the type of pillow you choose, and providing nutrients that fund skin structure health can all prevent this type of wrinkle from becoming ironed into your face over the years.

2. Elastotic Wrinkles aka Elastic Creases

These fine lines in the skin become more apparent and more permanent over time.  They are progressive tiny wrinkles caused by moisture loss when the elastic structures in the skin break down. Often called ‘premature ageing’ in fair-skinned types because they appear after prolonged UV exposure and sun damage.  Typically appearing on the cheeks, upper lip and at the base of the neck. See our sun-loving fair-skinned woman below. 

Elastic Creases are obviously preventable with sensible sun exposure and adequate sun protection, keeping hydrated, eating a healthy diet and applying nourishing and moisturising ingredients that support the elastic structures to the skin.

Elastotic Wrinkles

3. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

Fancy name, but also known as Dry Wrinkles. These are the relatively shallow visible parallel fine lines that are often seen on the brow and décolletage.  Unlike Elastotic Creases these aren’t caused by UV exposure but are completely age-related. They happen when the skin begins to thin and the epidermal glands responsible for secreting oil begin to shrink.  Without its protective oily layer, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture and takes on a dry and creepy texture as seen in the décolletage below. 

Having a diet packed with antioxidants and good fats like avocado, nuts, olive oil and oily fish can help fund epidermal gland health. Being adequately hydrated and applying moisturising oils to the skin can also help prevent dry wrinkles forming.

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

4. Dynamic Expression Lines

Simply created by repeatedly making the same facial expressions over and over. They appear by repeated action or contraction of the muscles beneath the facial skin.  Unlike other muscles, facial muscles attach directly to the skin and not the bone. These progressive wrinkles become permanent over time as seen on our jolly model below.  Short of injecting yourself with paralysing botox and fillers - these lines become a testimony to your good nature or worrywart self! 

Finding coping skills and managing stress (frowning) and having your eyes checked regularly and wearing sunglasses (squinting) and facial exercises all can help lessen the grump inside manifesting on the outside!


Dynamic Expression Lines


5. Gravitational Folds

As the name suggests, these wrinkles are caused by gravities effect on the skin.  Commonly caused by the effects of ageing, weight loss, thinning of the skin or the deflation of the skin structures around a line which manifests as folding, drooping or sagging as seen on our aged model below.

Over many years, gravity will take its toll on the whole body, but facial exercise and massage can stimulate blood flow to the skin delivering needed nutrients to fund repair and help prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin that help maintain skins firmness.




Clearly, wrinkles are multi-faceted – where our facial expressions, sleep patterns, sun exposure, genes, environment and lifestyle choices all play a part in their formation.  But whatever their specific cause, lying behind each wrinkle are two basic factors—the skin’s loss of firmness and elasticity.

Age-Defying New Zealand Astaxanthin

As we've mentioned, having an antioxidant-rich diet and applying nutrient-rich ingredients to the skin can really benefit skin structure health, helping to maintain its firmness and retain its elasticity. Knowing this, let’s meet a brand-new beauty oil that contains Natural New Zealand Astaxanthin (AstaNZTM) – the most powerful antioxidant on the planet that has a clinically proven affinity for skin and its structures, with fewer visible of premature ageing.

Introducing ASTAOIL


This ground-breaking beauty oil is a powerful combination of botanical and natural oils that have an affinity for the skin and its health. Light and easily absorbed with a delicate frangrance, it penetrates deep into the dermis delivering maximum concentrations of moisturising and nourishing natural oils that help defy gravity and protect skin structures from breaking down that predispose us to wrinkles. 

The powerful antioxidant Natural New Zealand Astaxanthin, AstaNZTM in ASTAOILTM helps to strengthen skin cells and the damage.  Massively moisturising Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil help the skin to retain moisturise and firmness to help prevent Dry Wrinkles forming, whilst the Vitamin E and Jojoba oils fund skin cell repair and help maintain the matrix of the dermal layer.

The botanical oils from Meadowfoam and Rosehip are blended in ASTAOILTM due to their nourishing content with essential nutrients including Vitamin's C and E, and fatty acids like Oleic and Linoleic that help fund dermal collagen and elastin production, repair and help maintain skin integrity and firmness.

No more need to obsess or stress - wrinkle prevention is a breeze now that ASTAOILTM is here!

Ritual: Apply morning and night to freshly cleansed skin whilst still dewy and massage 2-3 drops into the face, neck and décolletage areas to improve skin elasticity, protect against sun damage and eliminate the fine lines, age spots and other visible signs of premature aging.

ASTAOILTM is just one of the five Ultimate Age Defying new products from Supreme Health’s ASTASTM Age Defying Skin Care range. Shop Astaxanthin skin care today!

ASTAS Age Defying Skin Care







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