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Recharge your Batteries | Astaxanthin Improves Energy Levels


Posted by Dr. Bob Corish MD on August 23, 2012

Ever wonder how salmon can swim up to 100 miles upstream against the current without becoming tired?

The answer is Astaxanthin! Astaxanthin is also the carotenoid that contributes to the pink-orange colour of the salmon flesh.

Astaxanthin pink salmon

Mitochondria - Our Batteries 

All human cells contain their own little power plants or batteries called mitochondria. These mitochondria convert food energy into biological energy, which is then used by tissues and organs in order to function. Whether it's a heart cell, a brain cell or a blood cell, they all require energy to do their jobs and it is the mitochondria that provide this energy.

As we grow older, our cellular batteries – the mitochondria - become less efficient and prone to breakdowns and our energy levels become severely depleted (ever wonder where kids get all their energy from – they have young, fresh batteries). We begin to look for ways to get more energy and use substitutes such as caffeine, energy drink, and sugars.

Healthy Unhealthy Mitochondria

In reality, these substitutes make the situation worse, the mitochondria become stressed, overworked and breakdown. This has immediate effects on the health of the cell, in fact, many cells die and we develop an illness and depending on which particular organ system that contains these faulty mitochondria, will determine which particular disease or illness that shows up. 

Therefore, it is critical that we maintain our cellular batteries in the best of shape and protect them from free radicals that damage mitochondria, causing them to become sluggish, deteriorate and shut down.

Natural Ways to More Energy

1. Avoid common toxins

There are many common toxins that generate massive amounts of free radicals, such as; tobacco products, pesticides, biocides, overexposure to sunlight, excessive sugars and too much alcohol. Remember, free radicals are the ones that damage our mitochondria, our batteries.

2. Live a balanced lifestyle

Cliche as it is, life is all about balance and doing things in moderation. Try to eat foods from all categories, drink plenty of water, and exercise your mind and body! This will support your body's balance of oxidation and anti-oxidation levels. 

3. Choose a quality supplement

It is important to choose quality supplements to help your mitochondria and these should include: Astaxanthin, Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin C and B vitamins - these all act as spark plugs within the mitochondria and keep them running smoothly, giving us more energy. Astaxanthin is extremely important since it mops up more of the free radicals that slow down the mitochondria and reduce their energy production.

This is the key reason why salmon can perform their incredible journey without fatigue. 

Astaxanthin for Endurance Recovery

Supreme Health Advanced Endurance and Recovery is a holistic supplement that is designed to cover our bases for daily micronutrient intakes so that we have the endurance and ability to recover from our daily activities. It contains key nutrients (Astaxanthin, CoQ10, Vitamin C, B vitamins) that our mitochondria need to stay topped up, plus more! Supreme Health Advanced Endurance and Recovery is a formulation that is developed based on scientific evidence, and each ingredient is included for a specific function. Click on 'Ingredients' at the bottom of the product page to find out why! 


  • Free Shipping NZ Wide

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