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How to Relieve Eye Strain from Computers & Screens Naturally


Relieve Eye Strain from Computers

According to a recent report from the Vision Council, nearly 90% of adults use digital devices for two or more hours per day. Many optometrists believe that overuse and prolonged exposure to blue light lead to eyestrain and focusing problems.  Harmful blue light can cause eye discomforts such as dry, hot and tired eyes, eyestrain and visual annoyances like blurring and tearing. To date, there is no clinical data that proves overexposure to blue light does not result in long-lasting visual disturbances. Many eye care providers are concerned that overexposure to blue light might increase a person’s risk of macular degeneration and vision loss later in life.


Read on for advice about how to relieve eye strain from computers, iPads, and other screens.


What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the visible spectrum that is high-energy light just beyond ultraviolet light. 

Blue Light and Eye Strain

Blue light energy is transmitted through the eye to the retina and this triggers the visual process that leads to vision and sight. Some early laboratory research using animal models indicates that excessive blue light exposure can damage some sensitive cells layers of the retina. 

Sources of blue light energy include compact fluorescent light bulbs, high-intensity headlights and other LED lighting, digital devices such as TV screens, computer monitors, smartphones and tablets all emit significant levels of blue light. Higher levels of blue light entering through the retina places increased strain on the eye’s focusing systems that can cause eyestrain.

Digital eyestrain

Digital Eye Strain

When using a digital device, our eyes are looking at pixelated images that are rapidly alternating or flickering multiple times per second; this causes the visual system to work harder to maintain a sharp and consistent focus that can lead to straining on the muscles that helps our eyes to focus. 

Prolonged use of a digital device also causes the eye to not blink as frequently, which leads to the surface of the eye beginning to dry and the occurrence of irritation. The body’s response to prolonged exposure to blue light is known as commonly known as Digital Eyestrain and is very common for people who spend significant hours on a computer or other digital devices.  Signs and symptoms include tired eyes, reduced contrast, blurred vision, burning, stinging eyes and over tearing.

How can I support my eyes against damaging effects of blue light?

1. The 20/20/20 rule

To help maintain comfortable vision when using digital devices, it is important to use the 20/20/20 rule.  For every 20 minutes of digital device use, look away for 20 seconds focusing on something 20 feet away.  Eye Strain from Screen Use

2. Take a quality supplement 

Natural Astaxanthin for Eye Strain

Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care contains powerful natural antioxidants like Natural Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Saffron, Zinc and Vitamin E.  Natural Astaxanthin has been shown to cross the blood-retinal barrier to protect the sensitive cell layers of the retina and filter blue light.  Based on hard science from the international AREDS 2 studies that looked at targeted nutrition to support macula and eye health to protect vision, Advanced Vision Care has been formulated with high levels of carotenoid antioxidants that:

-          Scavenge free radicals

-          Reduce cell degeneration and cell death in the retina

-          Improve retinal function

-          Nourish the macula of the eye

-          Boost all aspects of eye health

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