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Dry Eye Relief | Astaxanthin Eye Health Supplement



“I have dry eye problem, I couldn't do without having eye drops during the day and eye cream for the night. They didn’t fix my problem, just were giving me some temporary relief. After a month of taking Supreme Health’s Advanced Vision Care, we noticed that we didn’t need to buy drops and creams because I didn’t need them anymore. We have bought more bottles of Advanced Vision Care product to keep us going and we take them religiously. Reading about all the research on this product gave us even more hope for improvements. Good stuff!"

- Mark Dimock (Eketahuna, New Zealand)

Have your eyes been feeling scratchy, burning, stinging, watery, or irritated? Does it look red? 

These are all common symptoms of dry eyes.

Dry eye is a condition caused by a lack of moisture and lubrication on the surface of the eye, resulting in eye pain and impaired vision. Dry eyes may sound harmless and may just feel like a nuisance, but do not ignore it. Dry eye symptoms that are ignored may progress to a more severe condition.

Common causes of dry eyes are:

Aging: Increased exposure to oxidative stress such as UV radiation, LED lights, and other eye diseases increase susceptibility to dry eye.

Prolonged screen use: Infrequent blinking due to prolonged staring at devices such as smartphones, computers.

Contact lens use/ LASIK: Can aggravate dry eye symptoms.

Dry eye is a complex disorder and is difficult to pinpoint a single cause resulting in dry eye. However, instead of simply managing the symptoms of dry eye, there are now ways to treat dry eye.

"The main approach to treating dry eye to date has been artificial tears, improved diet (omega-3, astaxanthin) and treating the inflammation with topical cyclosporine and corticosteroids." - NZOptics Sept 2017 Special feature

Treat dry eyes from its root causes... 

Astaxanthin relieves dry eye

AstaNZ™ (New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin) is a super carotenoid derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin is also the strongest antioxidant known and a powerful anti-inflammatory. Owing to its unique structure, Astaxanthin is able to penetrate the blood-retinal barrier, thus being able to directly protect eye structures and relieve dry eye.

Japanese researchers Shiratori (2005), Nagaki (2006), and Iwasaki (2006), found that individuals supplemented with 6mg/ day natural astaxanthin for four weeks experienced significant improvement in eye symptoms such as tiredness, soreness, dryness and blurry vision.

In combination with other powerful eye health nutrients such as Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Saffron, and Zinc, Advanced Vision Care protects and restore eye structures and eye health, relieving dry eyes from its root causes.

Professional Q&A

Nutritional Therapist Ali Maskell answers frequently asked questions in a previous blog

Q: I have dry eye, will Advanced Vision Care help me? 

A:   Without a doubt Advanced Vision Care can help.  Packed with powerful carotenoid antioxidants, immune enhancing nutrients and natural anti-inflammatory properties that will redress Dry Eye symptoms including the itchiness, burning, redness, watering, light sensitivity and even the foreign body sensations and sties.   Scientifically formulated, Advanced Vision Care ingredients are clinical validated to nourish and improve eye health including Astaxanthin.  This powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent reduces many inflammatory symptoms of Dry Eye, it promotes blood flow to the eye to help quicken the repair of the tear film and fund the healing of corneal abrasions. Combined with Zinc and Vitamin E which also have vast clinical research to support their promotion in wound healing Advance Vision Care is the right choice for sufferers of Dry Eye Syndrome.



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