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Astaxanthin and exercise – the benefits for athletes


There are a number of reasons why many professional athletes take Astaxanthin. They already know that Astaxanthin is linked to increased stamina, better performance and rapid recovery.  The key to these tremendous benefits is Astaxanthin’s ability to reduce oxidative stress. During workouts and exercise, many free radicals are generated as metabolic by-products and if they are not quickly neutralised, they attack muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons causing inflammation, strain and injury – this is why we feel sore and stiff following exercise.

Gold Medal winning Power-lifter Ron Prestage is just one of many athletes who have found that AstaSupreme is crucial in achieving their goals. Ron told us “The relief was apparent after a few days of taking Natural Astaxanthin. My joint health and recovery from strenuous exercise has been great and I have continued to take the supplement and carry on with my competitive power lifting.”. 

What can Supreme Health natural Astaxanthin do for your performance goals?

  • Faster recovery so you can train harder
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – relieves soreness, stiffness and swelling from injuries
  • Neutralises free radicals produced by exercise – the most powerful antioxidant known

Astaxanthin, exercise and free radicals

Everyone knows that exercise is a good thing. However, as we exercise and burn energy, our bodies produce free radicals as by-products of this process. We also know that free radicals in small quantities are not a problem, since the body can cope and repair any minor damage that these unstable particles cause. However, in large quantities free radicals cause inflammation, fatigue and injury.

When your body burns sugars and fats for energy, free radicals are automatically produced - each one is a by-product of metabolism.  It only makes sense that during heavy workouts when the body requires and burns more fuel for energy, that it also produces more free radicals. The problem arises when the number of free radicals being generated becomes greater than the body’s capacity to neutralize them – which translates into fatigue, soreness and inflammation.

This is where Astaxanthin and exercise are a perfect combination - Astaxanthin conveniently attaches to working muscle cells and protects the mitochondria (the power plants) which are responsible for energy production.  As energy is being burned off during exercise, Astaxanthin is there to mop up the free radicals that are generated from the process – thereby reducing fatigue, inflammation and injury. This is why athletes all over the world take Astaxanthin - to improve endurance, prevent inflammation and speed up recovery.

But don’t take my word for it, experience it yourself. Find out why footballers, weight lifters, cyclists, marathon runners and rugby players are taking astaxanthin - it’s not a secret anymore, Astaxanthin is the supplement of champions!

Astaxanthin delivers real benefits for athletes

Source: Maimsten & Lignell, 2008 1

Due to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Astaxanthin supports muscle function and improves aerobic power, which in turn boosts muscular endurance. In a double-blind placebo controlled trial, male students (aged 17-19) were subjected to a number of fitness and strength tests before and after taking Astaxanthin. After six months, the Astaxanthin group could do over 60% more knees bends (which was the test used for strength/endurance), compared to a 19% increase in the placebo group.

In another trial, 21 competitive cyclists were put through their paces in a 20km time trial. Randomly divided into a placebo and an Astaxanthin group, in just four weeks the Astaxanthin group had reduced their times by an average of 121 seconds, compared to only 19 seconds in the placebo group! 

Whether it’s to fight against free radicals, or shave a few seconds off your marathon time, Astaxanthin is the most effective, natural solution to improve your health.




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