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Why Do We Get Wrinkles?


They say that our face tells the story of our lives.

Laughter Lines

This is because the first lines and creases that appear on a person's face typically occur as a result of repeated facial expressions, like smiling, frowning, or squinting can lead to wrinkles as we age. 

But so can our favourite sleeping position!  It can cause repeated nightly pressure, where your pillow can be a culprit of folds, creases and wrinkles.

So, the simple truth is that you really can’t judge someone or their life just by their wrinkles.

But why do some people look older and others younger than their actual age? Is it their genes, diet, skin care routine or their Skin care supplements?

Discovering the answers could hold the key to younger looking skin.

Genetic and physiological factors, sun damage, smoking, dehydration, poor diet, some medications and other environmental factors all can affect where and when we develop wrinkles and their severity.

Ageing & Genetics

Ageing is inherent - with much of the ageing of our physical selves being pre-programmed.  But over the time our DNA that carries our genes deteriorates and degenerates, preventing ever more cells from replicating, leading to slowed skin repair, poor wound healing that result in wrinkles. 

Take a good look at older family members and consider how their skin has aged… then consider what choices they’ve made that could have prematurely aged their skin.


Science has identified a link between high blood sugar levels and skin ageing, researchers discovered that people with high levels of blood glucose look up to 2-4 years older on average.

Unmanaged errors of metabolism (Diabetes) and a diet high in sugary processed foods, alcohol and carbohydrates can all promote high blood sugar levels.

Glycation is a process that is caused over time, when excess glucose in our blood attaches itself to collagen in skin and other tissue.  Once attached collagen becomes rigid and brittle making it harder for the skin to repair, resulting in wrinkle formation.

Glycation Sugar

Hormone Balance

Altered levels of some hormones like stress, Thyroid and sex hormones like Oestrogen can dramatically influence the thickness of the skin, the blood flow too it and its hydration levels. 

Low Oestrogen levels seen in menopause and in some women with very little body fat can cause more wrinkles.

Free Radical Damage

With every breath, a tiny part of the oxygen has the potential to cause damage to your cells and DNA.  Unstable oxygen molecules or free radicals also create a cross-linking between fats and proteins, damaging collagen and the cells that make collagen causing disrepair and wrinkles.

Free radical formation is a natural by-product of metabolism but levels are dramatically increased by overexposure to UV light and other environmental factors that can accumulate over time and trigger oxidative stress promoting premature ageing and wrinkles.

Air-borne pollution is an amazing source of inflammatory skin irritants and free radicals that promotes premature skin ageing and wrinkle formation.  Dermatological studies highlight that people who live in urban settings have more wrinkles and age spots than those in rural areas.



Living in the harsh sun of New Zealand it’s abundantly clear that most wrinkles appear on the parts of the body which receive the most sun exposure, especially the face, ears and neck.

Sunburn caused by short UVB rays, means that they burn and damage the top skin layers, dehydrating the skin and predisposing it to wrinkle formation.  Exposure to UVB causes Vitamin D synthesis which is needed for epidermal cell production and innate photo-protection which help prevent wrinkles.

Much longer UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin, degrading collagen and elastin that holds our skin together.  UVA causes weaker and less flexible skin that starts to droop and wrinkle. UVA rays penetrate glass, meaning you could be accelerating the ageing of your skin simply as you drive along or sit by a window. Skin care supplements with antioxidants can improve skin health and help prevent premature signs ageing..

Smoking & Dehydration

It’s no surprise that smoking promotes poor skin health, cigarette smoke triggers collagen and elastin damage, reduces vitamin A levels, it alters blood supply within the skin causing dull and prematurely wrinkled skin.

Poor hydration and regular alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin, and dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. Advanced true radiance is a Skin supplement which helps support cellular repair.


Stress & Poor Sleeping Habits

Emotional stress and sleep deprivation both raise levels of cortisol—a steroid hormone that inhibits the production of collagen and increases blood sugar levels, accelerating glycation and damaging the skin’s connective structure.


Knowledge Is Power

Understanding the many and varied factors that cause wrinkles is the first step in helping to prevent premature ageing.  But so to, is accepting that some factors are in our control by the choices we make and others, simply are not.

Simple steps to prevent premature wrinkles should include common sense choices like adopting adequate sun protection, choosing the best skin care products that actually prevent premature skin ageing, avoiding tobacco and dehydration, sleeping well, utilising Skin supplements, managing stress levels and eating a balance diet.

It’s clear that many of the factors that promote wrinkle are linked to free radical damage - read more about powerful antioxidant based treatments that help prevent premature ageing that will nourish your skin making it look smoother and more youthful.

 Natural Astaxanthin

Supreme Health’s ASTAS™ The Ultimate Age-Defying Solution is a brand new skin care range that combines the power of AstaNZ™ Natural Astaxanthin and the other natural nourishing ingredients above for a radiant and healthy complexion.

All the ingredients in ASTAS™ Skin Care Range have scientifically and clinically proven efficacy to reverse the signs of ageing by supporting and nourishing all the layers of the skin.


Supreme Health’s Advanced True Radiance contains AstaNZ™ New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin, as its hero ingredient to balance the free radicals produced in the skin. The formulation has been designed to improve the elasticity and moisture content of the skin, using not only AstaNZ™ Natural Astaxanthin but also other well-known antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Grape seed extract.

These high-quality ingredients synergistically improve the skin condition by reducing inflammation, cellular damage and the natural breakdown of collagen.


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