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Summer Allergies


In recent years Doctors have reported significant spikes and unprecedented levels in summer hay-fever or seasonal allergies and sensitivities globally.

Factors such as your immune support can play a large role in this. With warmer-than-normal temperatures forecast again this summer, it’s looking like summer allergy season is likely to hit some of us hard this year.

Summer allergies and sensitivities are suffered by millions globally and are caused by a huge group culprits pollens, grasses, spores, moulds and even sunshine or UV Exposure.

   Moulds                                      Spores & Pollen                              Insect Bites                                  Sunshine & UV Exposure  

 An allergy is when your immune system accidentally discriminates against a harmless foreign substance or a so called, allergen. 

They can be anything from something you eat, inhale, touch, inject or are exposed to that cause an overreaction by our immune mast cells. 

Mast cells do something called degranulation and release inflammatory chemicals like histamine that brings on the coughing, sneezing, swollen itchy eyes, running nose, scratchy throat, headaches, rashes, hives, and in severe reactions very low blood pressure, breathing trouble, asthma attacks, anaphylaxis and even death.

The onslaught of mucus and all this allergic misery is really just the bodies mistaken way of trying to expel the harmless foreign substance.


But why do some of us suffer Seasonal Allergies and others not?

Global estimates are that allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness and nearly 10% of the population is affected.  There are multiple theories why our immune systems overreact including:-

  • Errors in a gene that regulates the immune system
  • A genetic predisposition – it runs in families
  • Compromised and under-stimulated immune system
  • Underexposure to the substance
  • Overexposure to the substance
  • Even global warming

It seems that seasonal allergies are less common in people from bigger families, those who live and work in the country, populations in the developing world, and strangely those of us with intestinal hook worms!


What can I do to avoid Summer Allergies?

Well, you could find a hermetically sealed place and just wait out the summer - but you’d miss out on all the fun!

Anti-histamines and steroids are the go to medications for allergies but aren’t really a healthful long term solution because they only treat the symptoms and down regulate your immune system.

What’s needed is to bring back balance to the immune system, diminish your symptoms and regain quality of life, consider:-

  • Identifying other lifestyle factors that contribute or promote inflammation in the body
  • Adopt a diet that is full of antioxidants & nutrients that naturally dampen down inflammation
  • Choose therapeutic natural anti-inflammatory supplements that support and modulate your immune system


Natural Astaxanthin: A Powerful Immuno-modulator

Natural Astaxanthin has a vast portfolio of studies that shows it has a modulating effect to under or overactive immune systems and their responses.  It increases the production of lymphocytes T-cell, B-cell and natural killer (NK) cells, suppresses the degranulation of mast cells which subsequently decreases inflammation and its effects on mucus membranes.

Aside from the scientific evidence, many people with seasonal sensitivities, allergic rhinitis, and autoimmune disease all have experienced individual benefits by taking natural astaxanthin as a dietary supplementation.

David’s experience with Supreme Health’s True Radiance Skin Rejuvenation formula with Natural Astaxanthin (AstaNZ™) has helped him live a normal life in the summer even with a dramatic seasonal allergy to the sun.  Read his testimonial in the link below.

Read Testimonial


Supreme Health’s True Radiance was developed by beauty specialists as a nutra-cosmetic combining the power of AstaNZ™ with vitamins and plants extracts with proven effects that support healthy, beautiful radiant skin from the inside out.  At a cellular level True Radiance supports the repair of skin cells, reduces inflammation in skin conditions and protects against UV damage.


Supreme Health’s Advanced Immune Support is formulated with high-quality AstaNZ™ to support regulate and strengthen the immune system – improving its innate and adaptive abilities and to normalise the inflammatory responses of the body.  

Taken daily, AstaNZ™ encourages the natural defence mechanisms of the immune system that protect against harmful pathogens and helps prevent overreactions to harmless substances like pollens and grasses, it reduces oxidative DNA damage and helps to regulate the production of antibodies, normalising immune responses - so summer is as its meant to be – fun!


For more information about how to improve immune support to combat summer allergies, contact AstaSupreme today.


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