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SWT-7TM Anti-Wrinkle Stem Cell Technology


SWT-7TM is a patented plant extract, lipo-soluble and an innovative class of bio-molecule that has a never-seen-before biomimetic pathway for skin health.  But what does all that actually mean?  And why was it selected to complement the New Zealand Astaxanthin in ASTAS™ Age Defying Serum?

What Is SWT-7TM?

Natural skin care companies like ASTAS™ have long used plant extracts as key ingredients, but recent technological advancements mean that extraction methods are now at a whole new level – a cellular one.


SWT-7TM is the pure extract of stem cells from the leaves of the Himalayan Indian Gentian (Swertia Chirata) plant. Regenerative medicine tells us that stem cells act like cellular reservoirs that have remarkable potential to develop into many different types of cells.  If you like, they serve as the source of vitality and health, by stimulating and regenerating cells after injury.

Indian Gentian leaves have long been used in Ayurvedic herbal medicine to promote wound healing, so the consideration behind this high tech extraction was that Indian Gentian stem cells applied to our skin would promote the regeneration and growth of new skin cells in a biomimetic way.

In vitro and ex vivo studies show that all natural SWT-7TM possesses the ability to stimulate the growth factor that increase keratinocyte production and increases their proliferation through cellular communication helping to regenerate the epidermis. 

Why are we using it in our Age Defying Serum?

When we are young, 90-95% of the epidermal layer is cells called keratinocytes, but as we age the growth factor that generates and proliferates this cell type slows down, leading to a thinner and more fragile epidermis causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


 Clinical studies with women aged 45 to 65 concluded that SWT-7TM reduces the visible appearance of vertical wrinkles and skin texture.  And this regeneration is super quick, in just 7 days it begins increasing the thickness of the epidermal layer, giving SWT-7TM anti-wrinkle and skin texture smoothing capabilities with amazing effects particularly around the eyes, nose, mouth and lip contour areas.

 With its amazing anti-aging and skin resurfacing abilities it’s easy to see why SWT-7TM has been chosen to complement the world's most powerful antioxidant, Natural Astaxanthin from New Zealand (AstaNZTM) and other bio-active natural ingredients found in ASTASTM Age Defying Serum.

ASTAS Age Defying Serum


Designed for all skin types and formulated with fast acting and bio-active plant extracts and oils that deeply penetrate the skin, delivering maximum concentrations of AstaNZ™ Natural Astaxanthin, SWT-7TM, NZ Grape seed extract, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Meadowfoam seed oils and other key nourishing nutrients and natural ingredients, to create a beautiful, hydrated, resurfaced and radiant looking complexion.

With a luxe glossy deep red bottle and state of the art, airless pump delivery to protect the anti-aging activity apply 1 pump to dewy skin just after cleansing morning and night.

For best results, use in combination with ASTAS™ Age Defying Moisturiser or Night Cream and Supreme Health’s True Radiance Skin Rejuvenation Dietary Supplement Formula.

Find out more about the ASTAS™ Age Defying range or shop online here!



  • Free Shipping NZ Wide

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