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Natalia: Astaxanthin Helped with My Psoriasis! | Psoriasis Treatment


Psoriasis affects both your physical and mental wellbeing and although there is no cure for psoriasis, understanding the best options to manage the symptoms can greatly improve your quality of life. Find out how Natalia used Astaxanthin infused skin supplements to help her relieve the effects of Psoriasis.

Natalia’s Experience with Using Astaxanthin as a Psoriasis Treatment:

“I have had psoriasis on my face for 14 years. No need to explain how frustrating it could get for a woman of my profession. I am a dentist and work with my patients every day all day.  I have to always look my best and therefore had tried every possible thing available to battle my condition. The only medicine though that helped to keep my psoriasis at bay was a steroid cream that I had to use every day. It was not ideal, as it thins the skin and ultimately worsens the condition even further, but it seemed to be the most efficacious out of all of them.

A friend of mine recommended me Supreme Health’s Advanced Cardiac Support product containing New Zealand natural Astaxanthin. I started taking the product to support my heart but then noticed that my psoriasis had dramatically shrunken. In four weeks, I almost stopped using the steroid cream. And now, after taking the product for 2 months, I only use the cream once a month.

As much as I was pleased with the result I was a bit surprised and curious to find out what actually helped me. I have done my own research and learnt that the key ingredient in my product, Astaxanthin was proven to balance the immune system and suppress the overreaction, which is the main cause of psoriasis. On top of that, being such a powerful antioxidant, it benefits every cell in the body. What a marvellous product it is! Thanks, Supreme Health!”

-          Natalia D. - Auckland


Why Does Autoimmune Disease Occur?

Autoimmune diseases are characterised by an overexpressed immune response, resulting in our own immune system attacking own cells. Psoriasis is just one type of autoimmune disease, where the immune system forms antibodies to the skin cells, causing skin cell turnover to be much quicker than usual. The overabundance of skin cells and resultant widespread inflammation appears as patchy skins and are typically painful and itchy. While there is currently no cure for psoriasis, there are treatments that help with managing the symptoms. In particular, there are three beneficial nutrients for Psoriasis.

Astaxanthin - Powerful Immunomodulator for Psoriasis


Astaxanthin has been found to be beneficial in studies with subjects of suppressed immune response (eg. Antitumour activity of Astaxanthin and its mode of action) as well as an overexpressed immune response (Read our blog on Astaxanthin’s Support Against Seasonal Allergies). Astaxanthin’s unique immunomodulating ability has been found to be beneficial in managing symptoms of autoimmune disease such as psoriasis.

Besides astaxanthin’s immunomodulating properties, it also has a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory action. This is important in managing the skin inflammation symptoms - red, itching, swelling and painful skin - of psoriasis.

Astaxanthin is also known as the ‘most powerful antioxidant known on the planet’, it is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than CoQ10 and 550x stronger than Vitamin E. According to a 2003 research article, oxidative stress and antioxidants is thought to play a role in psoriasis (View the research article).

Vitamin D Is a Beneficial Nutrient for Psoriasis

A more common nutrient used in psoriasis treatment is Vitamin D, typically in the form of a topical cream. Vitamin D is known to be responsible for the growth of skin cells, while also affecting immune system functions. Through the topical or oral supplementation of Vitamin D, many have experienced the calming of psoriasis symptoms. The National Psoriasis Foundation wrote an article detailing How Vitamin D Can Help Psoriasis.

Omega-3 Is a Beneficial Nutrient for Psoriasis

Researchers have found that people with psoriasis have an increased risk of heart disease, as compared to people without psoriasis. This is thought to be due to inflammation in blood vessels, which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient and a ‘healthy fat’ that is beneficial in improving cardiovascular health. Thus, supporting people with psoriasis in reducing downstream conditions. 

Supreme Health’s Advanced Cardiac Support Utilises All Three Nutrients

Supreme Health’s Advanced Cardiac Support synergises the effects of Astaxanthin, Vitamin D and Omega-3, the three nutrients that are key in managing the symptoms of Psoriasis. Just 2 capsules a day of Advanced Cardiac Support brought about significant benefits and fantastic improvements to Natalia’s psoriasis.

Try Advanced Cardiac Support today and experience the range of Astaxanthin Benefits.




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