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Increase sports endurance and recovery speed with Astaxanthin

If you're the sporty type, endurance and quick recovery times are essential for your enjoyment and ability to compete. Luckily natural astaxanthin provides amazing benefits to athletes and anyone using it in their supplement programme, increasing stamina, improving endurance and cutting fatigue.

Your route to better muscle & joint health

If you have overdone it, astaxanthin is a great way to improve your recovery time from all those aches and pains and reduce pain.

Gold medal winner says AstaSupreme helped relieve shoulder pain.

"About three years ago my power-lifting training and performance was being curtailed by chronic left shoulder pain. A friend suggested trying a supplement containing Astaxanthin to relieve the joint inflammation. The relief was apparent after a few days, my joint health and recovery from strenuous exercise has been great and I have continued to take the supplement and carry on with my competitive power-lifting. 
In 2009 I claimed the New Zealand Bench Press record for Masters 3 lifters (60 – 70 years) with a 121kg lift. In 2011 I followed this up in the Masters 4 class (70 – 80 years) with a New Zealand record lift of 122.5kg. I also gained a gold medal and Commonwealth Bench Press record at the Commonwealth Championships in Bournemouth, England. I am certain the Astaxanthin supplement is very beneficial for overall health and in particular for anyone striving to achieve a high level of physical strength and capability. I use the Astaxanthin-containing AstaSupreme, manufactured in Nelson by Supreme Health NZ Ltd and absolutely recommend this product." Ron Prestage 8 May 2012

Research into Astaxanthin's effects

In one study 40 males ages between 17 and 19 took 4 mg of astaxanthin a day for six months. When their initial strength and endurance was compared to the numbers gathered at the end of the study, strength and endurance were 62% higher.
You don't need to resort to dangerous steroids. The powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of astaxanthin deliver benefits to every part of the body, including the muscles.
As a powerful Super antioxidant, free radical scavenger and anti-inflammatory agent, it provides all manner of health benefits without negative side effects. While you can get it from your diet, it's even better to take therapeutic, consistent levels of the supplement, available from New Zealand's Supreme Biotechnologies.

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