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Revealing the benefits of astaxanthin.

Antioxidants protect the body, helping you to live and lead a happier and healthier life.

From the pristine waters of the South Island comes the world’s most powerful super antioxidant. Astaxanthin is a natural revolution and an advanced supplement that offers truly superb support to the body.

Supporting cardiac health, healthy cholesterol levels, joint health, eye and visual health, optimal skin health, and post-exercise injury recovery. Astaxanthin delivers essential antioxidant protection to the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system, as well as protection of the retina to support a healthy vision.


Astaxanthin combats free radicals in your body.

Change starts from within. Let's get inside astaxanthin.

Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body that attack healthy cells. The primary purpose of astaxanthin is in helping to combat and counteract injury and damage to cells in the body caused by these free radicals. Many of nature’s great creatures use astaxanthin as a defense against oxidation, and a strange fact is that both flamingos and salmon are pink due to the astaxanthin in their diets!

Our 100% natural astaxanthin is made from algae grown in the beautiful region of Nelson, New Zealand using sustainable methods.


100% New Zealand made astaxanthin.

Discover the difference.

AstaSupreme is a Nelson-based health and wellness company, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Natural Astaxanthin. Our team of dedicated scientists and researchers have worked hard to discover a unique local strain of this powerful product with specifically formulated products for heart, joint, and eye health designed to maximise the superpowers of astaxanthin.


Moving to a better you.

Get the full story on astaxanthin's benefits.

The Ultimate Guide to Astaxanthin is an exclusive 16 page report. No detail is spared in this comprehensive guide to Astaxanthin and its effects on your health and well being.

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