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Advanced Vision Care

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Advanced Vision Care
For your beautiful eyes.
Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care ā€“ 30 Caps

Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care ā€“ 60 Caps

Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care - 90 Caps (Bundle Pack of 3x30Caps)

Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care - 180 Caps (Bundle Pack of 3x60Caps)


Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care synergises the effects of New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin (AstaNZ) with scientists affirmed eye health formula to deliver the best eye health benefits. Bringing together carotenoids that reach key eye structures, Supreme Health crafted a trusted product to help protect and support eyesight through the stages of aging.

  • A powerful tetra-carotenoid complex specifically formulated to support the health of your eyes
  • Support macula lens and retina health
  • Reduce eye strain and fatigue from computer use
  • Phospholipid as an enhanced delivery mechanism

Your vision affects the way you enjoy the world around you.

Give yourself the best support with Supreme Health’s Advanced Vision Care.

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 capsules daily with food.

Supplements should not replace a balanced healthy diet.

Product contains soy and bee products which can cause severe allergic reactions. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breast feeding. Keep out of reach of children. No added gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar or artificial colours. Store below 30ºC sealed in a cool, dark place.


Saffron, Lutein, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamin E, Phosphatidylcholine, Zinc, Zeaxanthin

Per Capsule:

AstaNZ (New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin) 6mg is a unique carotenoid and a potent antioxidant that is able to penetrate the blood-retina barrier to protect every cell in our eye. It offers unique protection against UV rays, pollution and supports lens accommodation.

Lutein 10mg and Zeaxanthin 2mg are carotenoids that filters blue light and quench reactive oxygen species to support vision health.

Saffron 20mg reduces cell death in the retina and increases oxygen delivery to the plasma.

Zinc 2.5mg enhances melanin levels to improve night vision.

Vitamin E 6mg neutralises oxidation and reduces susceptibility to oxidative damage.

Phosphatidylcholine 4.6mg is the key component to maintain cell membrane integrity and facilitate movements in and out of cells.


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Great for my dry eyes
Review by Allan Noble / (Posted on 28/11/2017) I have been taking Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care for my dry eyes for a while now and have noticed that a side benefit is my tinnitus is gone. Great products.
Worth taking and beneficial
Review by Bob / (Posted on 14/11/2017) Iā€™m in my 60ā€™s and came across Supreme Health for the first time when I visited their Nelson manufacturing facility. I had the opportunity to try Supreme Health myself. I then checked online and found that Supreme Health seemed to have a lot of positive benefits so I thought it was probably worth trying. I had no expectations about what it would do for me, so it was more an experiment than anything else. After about a month I realised that my vision seemed to have changed (someone made a passing remark as to why I was not wearing my glasses lately). It was a bit like someone had turned up the contrast and colour switch on my eyesight. Colours were brighter and my vision (particularly the contrast part of it) seemed sharper (particularly in my left eye for some reason). The only change I have made in the last month is to take two Supreme Health capsules each day. My conclusion from my experiment is that Supreme Health is worth taking for a month or two to see if creates any positive improvements. It seems to have been beneficial for me.
excellent and noticeable response
Review by Kim Lynch / (Posted on 6/11/2017) Supreme Health is the most palatable and beneficial supplement I have ever tried- with excellent and noticeable response in my joint pain in my feet and dry eyes- double bonus!! and so easily purchased online and promptly delivered from an NZ company with significant research and biological care. Thank you Asta!
Thanks astasupreme
Review by Wilfred Bonner Pentreath Martin / (Posted on 25/10/2017) I have been taking Astaxanthin and Astaxanthin eye for over a year now and find that I am not reaching for my glasses as much. Over the last few months watching TV without my glasses has become a possibility. My last eye test showed that I no longer need glasses for driving. Thanks AstaSupeme
Thrilled with the results!
Review by Chris Hodgson / (Posted on 4/10/2017) After just over thirty days of taking Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care my eyes not only feel sharper but they are much clearer and the whites are less red and tired looking. I am thrilled with the results.