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About Astaxanthin

Natural Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It is 6000x more powerful than vitamin C and 500x more powerful than the antioxidants found in green tea.

As the most potent antioxidant to be discovered, natural Astaxanthin is a red organic pigment (carotenoid) that has been clinically shown to act as a powerful biological tool for helping the body rid itself of harmful free radicals, fighting oxidative stress, promoting anti-inflammatory cascades and supporting a strong and healthy immune system.

Over 500 scientific studies demonstrates astaxanthin’s health benefits in supporting our eye health, heart health, immune support, joint health, skin health and sports performance and recovery.

Natural Astaxanthin is organic, non-toxic and provides whole body benefits without any harmful side effects.

Astaxanthin Salmon Flamingo Krill

Q:  Where does AstaSupreme’s Astaxanthin come from?

A:  Haematococcus Pluvialis (green algae) is the richest source of natural Astaxanthin.

Natural Astaxanthin is made due to a stress response by this green algae to promote it cellular survival.  Producing Astaxanthin allows these tiny single-celled organisms to prevent cellular damage and survive for over 40 years despite severe environmental pressures and stresses.  When eaten by creatures like salmon, crabs, krill, and even flamingos, the Astaxanthin present in the algae causes their flesh and even plumage to take on a beautiful pink/orange coloration, as well as strengthening their own natural responses to stressors.  This includes UV radiation protection, as recent research has shown that further up the food chain in the seabirds that consume some these animals, their eyes have superior vision function possessing amazing abilities to focus and tremendous visual acuity, even though their eyes are continually bombarded with UV rays out at sea, and this is attributed wholly to the Natural Astaxanthin found it their diet.

Natural astaxanthin is truly Nature’s secret to survival. Imagine what it could do to your health!

Supreme Health cultivates green algae carefully selected from the purest waters in New Zealand. Through a quality controlled system, they harvest the Natural Astaxanthin and combines it with their condition-specific formulation to deliver the supplement suited to your needs.

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