Heart Health

How can you encourage a healthy heart?

Heart disease is one of the world’s biggest health issues. That puts everyone at some degree of risk.

The detrimental effects of free radicals, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are well known. They attack even healthy cells, causing injury and damage that can lead to healthy complications such as heart disease.

Safeguard your health.

You need the right support for your body’s most important muscle.

That’s where astaxanthin becomes important in your life. It is the strongest natural antioxidant in the world - helping prevent free radical damage and supporting blood vessel health. Not only does this allow one to live their life with less concern for the possibilities and complications that can arise, but it also offers that support that every human body deserves and needs.

AstaSupreme® Advanced Cardiac Support takes the power of astaxanthin, and combines it with the goodness of Omega 3, CoQ10 and Vitamin D to create a unique heart healthy formula.

Studies show that the likes of Omega 3 can support a healthy heart rhythm which can support cardiovascular health, and 20 years of research has proved that CoQ10 supports cardiac function. It also reduces the uncomfortable side effects of statins; making it a vital supplement for many. It is this knowledge that can give your health a real boost.

Knowing that Vitamin D fosters a healthy heart, that sunlight is essential for your health, and realising that a busy lifestyle often means we can’t always get the amounts we need to lead a healthy life.

You need the right combination and formula of ingredients to best support your body, and that’s why you should consider AstaSupreme® Advanced Cardiac Support.

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