AstaSupreme Advanced Eye Care for Healthy Eyes

Protect your hardworking eyes

Sight: It’s our primary sense.

Approximately half of your brain is devoted to seeing. The human eye recognises around 10 million colours and if it was a digital camera it would have an astounding 576 megapixels.

Containing the most active muscles in your body, your eyes are incredibly busy. It’s no surprise then that eye complaints are on the rise. Screen-time is recognised as biggest culprit but high blood pressure, diabetes, direct sunlight and smoking don’t help either. These stressors all generate free radicals which lead to:

  • Sore and tired eyes
  • Problems focusing
  • Less clarity
  • Dryness and irritation
  • Glasses and contacts at an earlier age
  • Premature age related conditions

Astaxanthin is nature’s most powerful antioxidant. It helps prevents free radicals and safeguard your vision.

AstaSupreme® Advanced Eye Care contains well researched ingredients to protect your hard working eyes.

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